SPOGOMI 2023 World Cup – Australia Stage

The Australian launch of SPOGOMI was held at Manly Beach – an iconic locality in Australia. The teams were made up of a variety of people from all backgrounds including families with kids, people from organisations – like fitness clubs, politicians, university students and people who care about our environment. We were privileged and honoured to be joined by Spogomi ambassador Matsuda, who supported the competition and motivated participants. We also were very honored to have Layne Beachley (7 times world surfing champion), and local MP, Zali Steggall who welcomed the teams. The 25 teams raced off after a big chant lead by Matsuda and we collected dozens of bags of trash from the suburb. the event was educational and also brought people together to do something positive about our environment. We were very fortunate to have a TV crew from Japan as well as appear on SBS World News.

We look forward to meeting Team Igniting Sparks (Petra Williams´╝ĆDouglas Maia Williams´╝ĆJamie Gray) in Tokyo at the SPOGOMI World Cup 2023!



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