SPOGOMI World Cup 2023 – France Stage

The SPOGOMI France stage was held in LeMée, a suburb of Paris, and saw 30 teams gather to collect trash. The weather was perfect for a trash pickup, and the event was enlivened by about 60 event staff, volunteers, guests, and spectators in addition to the 30 teams that participated. On the last Sunday of the summer vacation, teams from families, students, ecology enthusiasts, and many others gathered to participate in the event. All teams picked up trash until the very last minute in the hot weather and saw a total of 315.49 kg of rubbish collected. All participants were shocked at the amount of trash collected!

We look forward to meeting team “Les Anonymes” (KOLMERSCHLAG Jérémie/KHAN Usman/MARTIN Baptiste) at the SPOGOMI World Cup 2023 in Tokyo, Japan!

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